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Christina Smith <>

Tue, Dec 17, 8:47 PM (15 hours ago)
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Our Rose Water day cream is perfect for normal to dry skin types. Made from our very own organically grown roses this nourishing cream brightens and tones while providing natural SPF to keep your skin soft and youthful. Roses contain an array of benefits but our favorite is its rich vitamin C content which brightens your skin complexion while promoting healing and rejuvenation. We balance our rose with geranium and palma rosa to boost its anti-aging benefits. Its fragrance while 100% natural is also 100% functional. This soft and floral day cream is a fan favorite and a must have for all rose lovers! 



Directions: apply to freshly washed and damp face every morning.

Ingredients: rose water*, aloe, calendula and alkanet and rose infused coconut oil*, emulsifying wax*, sweet almond oil*, apricot oil, palm stearic, cold pressed rosehip oil*, red raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil, calendula glycerite*, vitamin E, non-nanno zinc, preservative, rose EO, geranium EO, palmarosa EO*, Love!* *Organic

Rose Water Facial Day Cream

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