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Our lavender Rosemary day cream is formulated to help balance and  rejuvenate combination skin types. Rosemary possesses the amazing ability to even out oil production. To increase oil in drier areas and to reduce in more oilier areas. Combined with natural SPF found in red raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil and non-nanno zinc this day cream is hard working to keep your skin soft, moisturized and protected all day long!


Directions: Apply to freshly washed and damp skin every morning to feel beYOUtiful!



Ingrgredients: rosemary water*, aloe, rosemary infused coconut oil* emulsifying wax*, sweet almond oil* apricot oil, palm stearic, cold pressed rosehip oil*, red raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil, vitamin E, non-nanno zinc, preservative, rosemary E.O* Love!


Lavender Rosemary Day Cream

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