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Made for dry skin our Butter Creams are a rich and velvety cream made from nourishing butters. Our base contains a perfect blend of shorea butter, infused coconut oils, cocoa butter, raw local unrefined bees wax and  shea butter combined with a variety of herbs and specialty oils to treat your skin to a variety of indulgences.  Please view our full collection of Butter Creams and choose your favorite form our menu.


Lady Lavender- Infused lavender, amber and vanilla.


Enchanted Rose - Infused green tea, rose and patchouli.


Happy Hippy - Infused comfry and hemp seed oil. Sweet jasmine and orange and patchouli.


Gypsy Queen- Infused rooibos, sensual vanilla and sandalwood


Sweet Orange Calendula - Infused calendula blended with sweet orange. This one is reminds us of a christmas chocolate orange.


Coco Mango-  Sweet and fruity. This one features mango butter, cocoa butter and coconut. A summer hit for sure!


Gingers Honey -  Infused Ginger, lime and tumeric


Black Bergamot - Infused black tea, lavender and bergamot. This one was made in memory of our honeymoon in Victoria after experiencing fine earl grey at high teatime. A fine Earl Grey will forever be a guilty pleasure.


Whole Latte Love - Infused coffee, vanilla and chocolate.


Chill Pill- Infused St. Johns Wort, lavender, vanilla and ylang ylang


Pure Non-Scents- No nonsence here! Just pure butter cream in its natural scent. No scents scents added.


Pumpkin Dream- A rich cream featuring anti aging and nourishing pumpkin seed oil in our cocoa butter base. Smells like a delightful pumpkin cheesecake with buttery richness and light notes of spice. This one is a seasonal fan favorite and is only available once a year!


Merry Mint - Rich cocoa butter and deep bourbon vanilla with a touch of sweet peppermint! A calorie free Christimas treat! Hurry, get this one before our holiday batch runs out!!







Choose Your Butter Cream

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