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Bread and Butter


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What do we mean when we say we provide a Farm to Table experience? We mean that we use ingredients we produce on our own farm sustainably, other local farms and local small businesses almost exclusively.

We believe in a strong local economy and we believe that good health begins with what you put in and on your body. We are committed to bringing you the very best our beautiful corner of the planet has to offer. We are a growing farm and our orchards are growing quickly.

We look forward to a great many years providing our community with heath sustaining goodness. Everything we offer is made with great love and intention. We raise happy, healthy animals and in turn they provide us with heathy, sustainable food products. We believe you get what you put into it and good things are worth the wait to do it right. We hope you come by and see what we are up to.

We look forward to building a meaningful relationship with you.
All our best! P31

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