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 604 Sunset Rd Hillsboro, KY


A blending of two businesses 

P31 Farmhouse Co. is our family-owned business. We love to make all of our own products. We started our business  BeYOUTiful Naturally on the beautiful Camano Island in the Pacific Northwest.  In the winter of 2021, we moved our family to Kentucky in order to live out our dream to have our own family farm.  In 2022 P31 Farmhouse Co. was born! P31 Farmhouse Co. sells freshly baked bread, natural health care products, and many more farm fresh goods! We continue to grow our business here on our family farm!  We blend together modern-day science with understanding of traditional natural medicine to bring to you fun, high quality, natural products.

We believe being your own kind of beautiful starts with becoming your best natural, healthy self!

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